Sacred Recipes
For Modern Day

In the fabled land of Ketocia, the Gods and Demigods of ancient times splurged and enjoyed their lives in bliss and ecstasy. The Ketocians used sacred recipes containing precise combinations of herbs and key ingredients to keep them in peak condition, unlocking the body’s true self healing potential.

Made in the U.S.A., we share Ketocia’s legacy in every one of our products!

About Us

From the mystical land of Ketocia to your kitchen countertop, we pride ourselves on using the finest sourced ingredients to bring you a quality Keto focused product worthy of its namesake.


Our primary goal is to provide you with quality products made with sustainably sourced ingredients to make your everyday life healthier and more in balance.


We desire to bring the ancient wisdom of Ketocia into our modern world. The ancients were vastly more in-tune with the natural world around them, and their knowledge is in every Ketocia product.

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Recharge with our immune support formulas and detox cleanses, bringing your body back into optimal condition. Our sacred formulas are designed to:

  • improve bowel regularity
  • cleanse waste & toxins
  • alleviate bloating
  • boost energy
  • calm the mind and body


Our support products are formulated to keep up with your high paced lifestyle, giving you an edge in your everyday routine by:

  • improving cholesterol
  • lowering blood sugar
  • pain relief
  • reduce anxiety
  • accelarate ketosis


Performing like the ancient Ketocians comes easy with our performance products designed to get you into ketosis fast, allowing you to:

  • utilize fat for fuel
  • increase performance
  • maximize stamina
  • improve agility
  • accelerate mental alacrity

Why Choose Us?

In ancient Ketocia and our modern day facility, its all about attention to detail. We think of everything, so you don’t have to!

Our products work together with your body in symbiosis, bringing you a healthier, clearer, more energetic YOU! Whether you’re just getting started on your Keto journey, or a veteran, we have a product designed to help you in your life. From our family to yours, we guarantee you’ll enjoy our product or your money back!


Magic in the making!

We use sustainable ingredients so future generations can enjoy a better world. Go out and enjoy life the Ketocia way!

Our Global Team

Highly Motivated Team with Sense of Humor

When you find something good, you share it with your friends! That mentality has made Ketocia a globally recognized brand in the keto arena. Our team works tirelessly to make sure our customers receive the best ingredients, and purest products to honor our ancient Ketocia lineage. 

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